Social Media Links

My main social media platforms are YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch. If you might want to help support me, I post my work on Patreon and have a KoFi for tips. I also post some NSFW art on OnlyFans (sometimes).

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On YouTube I make videos that are mostly about art and drawing


On Twitch I livestream drawing and sometimes games like MineCraft

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Twitter is where I scream into the void of the internet and sometimes ask for video suggestions

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On Instagram I post occasional photos and stories to show what's going on in my life

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Patreon is where all my amazing supporters get access to early videos and my art files

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If you like my work, maybe buy me a coffee on ko-fi?

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If you're 18+ and don't mind nudity, OnlyFans is where I upload my NSFW art (I don't make that much of it, but when I do, this is where I put it)

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My TikTok is an empty mess

2010 - present
2010 - present